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my bbabbbbbbyyy

so my dachshund had surgery today, and I feel so bad for her.  It was just a spay, so I’m not it’s not supposed a big deal, but she’s so tiny and delicate, she’s only 5.2 lbs.  Apparently she was so energetic, they had to give her extra drugs to chill her out.  I’d like to think she’s comfortable right now, but I can’t imagine being high like that and not understanding why.  It must be super confusing

and and and I’m not totally versed in dog surgery, but I’m sure they had to cut through the muscles in her belly to do what they had to do, right?  I mean that’s a big deal for such a little baby

I don’t remember worrying like this when my pug got neutered, but he was almost 20lbs and a neutering seems so much less invasive

and and and she has to wear a cone, and I have to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t jump off anything, but I feel bad leaving her on the ground.

So I set her up in a pile of cozy blankets on the sofa and turned on cartoons.  Puppies like cartoons, right?

Poor baby is so high right now
#wiener #daschund #surgery  #conelife

Poor baby is so high right now
#wiener #daschund #surgery #conelife